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Canine Behaviour Courses
Interested in a career in dog training or you simply want to learn more about your dog/s? Take a look at the courses we have been offering since 2002 under the Learn Canine banner (formerly known as Canine Culture). Our courses started off as in-house courses for people at our training centre wishing to become instructors at our school. Before long word spread and many other training institutions have since enrolled their instructors on our course. A number of these people have gone on to run their own classes, schools and establish nationwide continuing education facilities in South Africa. Due to nationwide demand, the course has now been taken on-line and re-launched as Learn Canine.   In a first for the South African industry, the Learn Canine course is available for enthusiasts as well as professionals. There are 8 modules available ranging from developmental behaviour right through to the nuts and bolts of running classes. The Enthusiast package does not comprise assignments or practical evaluations and is perfect for the dog owner who would like to  know more about how their dog thinks. Learn about your dog from the comfort of your home at only R275/module! The Professional package combines the on-line theory component with assignments, practical sessions, a workshop, practical evaluations and a final exam. The full course covers everything you need to know about running your own classes. Professional package modules are offered at R785/module.   View a Module! To view a module portion click here (scroll down and click on the label to the right on the Modules Page). The modules are best viewed on a laptop/desktop. Bookings & Enquiries  If you would like further information please email info@learncanine.com
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