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Detection Dogs
We have trained multiple dogs of various breeds in detection work, with targets including: Cheetah scat Lion scat Wild Dog scat Leopard scat Bird & Bat carcasses Aestivating bullfrogs Our most famous trainee to date is Diesel, whose work has been featured on: Animal Planet BBC Channel 5 Bush Radar Kyk Net - Groen All About Dogs SA Stafford Magazine All of this work has been done to assist conservation officers in their research, by allowing researchers to find targets in the field which are visually obscured. The data gathered from these targets is invaluable. We also trained a number of dogs to scent match via proxy - this type of training had never been done before and allowed researchers to study previously unknown aspects of cryptic olfaction. Click here to read the published paper. Pictured below are some of our dogs in training and in the field... The McKaynine Detection Dog training falls under the Bio Dogs banner. Click here to read more...
Detection dogs