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Our canine companions are incredibly gifted with incredible mental and physical

attributes. When these skills are not exercised dogs will often engage in undesirable

behaviour such as digging, chewing and excessive barking.

Canine sports provide a healthy outlet for a dog's energy - plus it's a lot of fun!

Dog Sports
While we do train to competition standards there is no pressure to compete with your dog - many of our handlers simply enjoy the activity and the social aspect of these classes for them and their dogs! McKaynine is famous for being “non-breedist” and provided a dog is fit and healthy (and they enjoy the sport of course), there is no reason for a dog’s breed to bar them from a particular sport. We’ve had Dachshunds and Great Danes doing agility and Jack Russells doing manwork. As long as the dog enjoys it, it’s all good! Please note that in most instances a certain level of obedience training is required before gaining admittance to the dog sport classes - this is to ensure that you gain maximum value from these classes and don't find them overwhelming. Generally we require a CGC Bronze level to have been achieved prior to admission into the sport classes. We offer a variety of Dog sports - click on the buttons below to check it out...
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