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There is nothing that most pups enjoy more than free play with suitable canine companions! But itís not always safe to take pups to a park and sometimes itís a little confusing to the owner whether play is play. The last thing you want is for your puppy to get hurt or to hurt other pups.  We have the solution with our puppy play groups! Pups get to play with their buddies and enjoy some fun puppy obstacles all under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor.  These midweek groups are the perfect solution for your pup to get some additional exercise and socialisation in a safe and controlled environment. Your pup is guaranteed to sleep like a bomb after a play session.  Please note that these are not specific classes, but function purely as a supervised socialisation and exercise activity for your pups.  Play groups are held as follows:  ē	Honeydew: Thursday evenings 18h00 - 19h00. Provided your pup is under the age of 8 months and is a past or present McKaynine student of any branch youíre welcome to attend! Please call or email us ahead of time to confirm your attendance - info@mckaynine.co.za or 082 565-6160.  ē	The Reeds: Play group needs to be booked in advance. Please contact us for details - thereeds@mckaynine.co.za   If you donít have the time to take your pup for walks or socialisation then puppy play group is the perfect solution!
Play Group
Play Groups